For some, you understand the importance of investing in pediatric cancer research. You have lived the agony of seeing your child endure painful treatments and the worry of not knowing the outcome of the diagnoses. For others, we can only imagine that agony. No child should have to battle cancer. No family should have to watch their child suffer. Too many families, locally, and around the globe, face the horror of childhood cancer on a daily basis. Some of their stories can be found here.

For Andrew Kaczynski, an investigative reporter and founder of CNN’s KFile Team, he and his wife just suffered through the unthinkable on December 24th 2020 — losing their nine-month-old daughter Gabriella “Beans” to a brain tumor. He shared their painful and raw experience throughout their journey. Mr. Kaczynski’s story has raised awareness for childhood cancer research.

Last week, Mr. Kaczynski captured in an op-ed to The Washington Post (subscription to Washington Post required to read full piece) how he used his grief to investigate what it would take for other families be spared from what he and his wife just lived through. The answers he received were complex and multifaceted, but largely pointed to two main issues:

  • Childhood Cancer research needs more funding.
  • There is a need for centralized data on treatment protocols between institutions.

Responding to the op-ed, Mr. Kaczynski and his wife shared their story and these points with Anderson Cooper on February 26th, 2021.

CCF is familiar with this level of conviction from heartbreak. CCF believes investing in pediatric cancer research will bring cures and improved treatments through funding early research, encouraging local collaboration between institutions, advancing awareness, and strengthening the research community.

This is why CCF continues our efforts to fund pediatric cancer research. We are often the only hope for finding enhanced cures and treatments.  The researchers we fund today, may find the breakthroughs and cures for tomorrow. And, maybe, just maybe, the life of a child like Francesca could be saved.

That is our mission: The Children’s Cancer Foundation is committed to funding locally-based researchers, programs and facilities until every child is assured a healthy future. CCF will continue our efforts to raise funds to invest in treatments and cures for pediatric cancer. We thank each of you who has supported us in the past and continues to support our mission.


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