Logan Denim Johnson, along with her twin sister, Raegan, was born on June 22, 2014.

On September 28, 2016, Logan complained of an ear ache. After going to urgent care and being diagnosed with an ear infection, she went home with an antibiotic. But the pain persisted. Logan’s mom, Mia Cross, was not satisfied with the diagnosis and the treatment protocol, and took Logan to Medstar Franklin Square Medical Center. By this time, Logan was in tears and in tremendous pain. At Franklin Square, they were able to determine that Logan had a form of cancer, but they could not pinpoint it. At the ER at The University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), they ran tests for three days and Logan was diagnosed with B-cell leukemia. She was just two years old.

The team of pediatric oncologists at University of Maryland Medical Center became Logan’s tending team.  Chemotherapy began right away and lasted until December 2018. Logan was also on steroids and many other treatment plans during her 2 ½ year journey. Logan often had to endure hospital stays, which meant not being with her twin sister, Raegan. The girls did not like this arrangement and were able to Face Time each other during the treatment separations.  Logan’s parents, Mia and Dad, Dominic Johnson, took turns spending nights at the hospital with Logan.

Logan was declared cancer free in December 2018. She will receive scans every three months for the first year and then every six months for the second year. Eventually, she will just need annual scans.

Logan adores her shih tzu Kena and enjoys hanging out with her older sisters, Diamond Johnson and Sha’bria McCleod. As of June 2021, Logan and her sister turned 7 and will start 1st grade in the fall. She’s looking forward to the beach in the summer and returning to in-person classes. She loves to watch and make recordings for YouTube and TikTok and playing with her sister.

CCF has enjoyed spending time with Logan and her family as she has attended our annual holiday party for the past couple of years. We were honored that Logan, with support from her family, was our Giant Food Ambassador for 2019 and appears in many of the Giant Food Fight Childhood Cancer campaign materials. We are so happy she is cancer free!

Update Spring 2023: Since that time, we’ve enjoyed spending time with Logan and her twin Raegan at each annual CCF Gala and most recently the 2022 CCF Holiday party. They also took part in the CCF-funded Nigel’s Neighborhood Prom at the National Aquarium in Baltimore in late November. Mom reports that Logan now eight years old is thriving in third grade. Logan, along with Raegan, loves to make TikTok videos, make new friends, teach and play with her two year-old niece.